Guest Blogging Is Dead in 2020! Is It True?

Guest Blogging Is Dead

I have read many articles, where blogger claims that guest blogging is dead. Well, in a way, it is true but not entirely.

It depends!

Search on the internet, and you will see that matt cuts claim that guest blogging is dead. In reality, it is a confusing situation. After reading such articles, you will see at your computer and will shout, “WHAT THE HELL IS HE SAYING!”

But before getting into any conclusion, let’s take a look at some facts:

I think these bloggers have lost their minds and lost control. The reason is that people always ask a question and pushes you over the edge. You try to be calm, but at last, you lost your temper and decided that you can’t take it anymore.

I think that is the kind of case with these bloggers.

I own, and I do guest blogging, and It is still working for me.

Guest Blogging Is Dead Due To Spammy SEO

Well, SEO is becoming spammier these days. A man hired a lousy company to rank their keywords, he guests blog on other websites and your website get penalized from Google. You are starting to think that it is because your guest post on other websites and Google have punished you for that.

In reality, link building is not an easy thing. You need to be patient, and if you are going to guest post on many sites in a single day, you are in real trouble, buddy!

We know guest blogging had worked very well in the past. But as the people came to know about it, it gets more spammy with time. There is always a loophole in a strategy, which a spammer uses to rank its website. That is why; I always focus on the quality of work rather than focusing on short-term effectiveness. The spammers are everywhere, but it does not mean you should stop.

In short, guest blogging is not dead, and still, it is a great way to build high-quality backlinks for your website. All you need is to follow the guidelines properly. If you do it in the right direction, then it is difficult for Google to sort it out.

Google Algorithms Cannot Differentiate

There is not any Google algorithm that can differentiate between an article and guest blogs. The bloggers do not disclose that the article is a guest post or not. There are many prominent publications such as Huff Post, New York Times that get their content from freelancers. Moreover, it does not mean that the article from a freelancer is a guest post.

So, do not worry! The guest blogging is still on in 2020. You just need to follow the white hat techniques and need to build links in a manner. The important thing is to make relationships as a regular contributor or a columnist on famous publications.

Google requires you to write unique and quality content to get rankings in Google. If you fulfil the criteria of Google whether the piece is a guest post or not, it will not penalize your website.

Guest Blogging FAQ

What Is Guest Blogging?

Guest blogging or guest posting is an act to write content for other websites as a guest author.

Where Should I Guest Post?

It is recommended to guest post for websites that are relevant to your niche. Guest posting on a non-relevant website will not help you attract more traffic.

Is Guest Posting a Good Idea?

Well, yeah guest posting is a great way to attract more traffic from other websites in you niche.

Can Guest Posting Improve My SEO?

Yes, it can surely help imrpove your SEO rankings, but you need to do it the right way. Guest post only on high authorirty websites in your indusrty.

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