SuperGlue – Things You Should Know It Can Do

SuperGlue DIY Home Repairs

Many people use superglue to fix broken things in their homes. Using glue to reattach broken things is not rocket science. You need to apply some glue and wait for a few minutes to dry. I also keep a bottle of glue in my home to do some DIY repairs. So, all you need to know is that you can fix almost any plastic thing using it. In this article, I will share fix that you can do using it which are as follows:

Fixing Your Sunglasses

Lens of our sunglasses usually broke due to a fall or if we sit on them accidentally. But you can easily fix it with superglue. Just apply some glue on the lens side and attach it. Wait for few minutes for the glue to dry. There are many other things you can fix temporarily or permanently like the straps of your shoulder bag and gem on a hair clip. So, having a bottle of glue can come very handy in such situations.

Repair Your Boots or Shoes With SuperGlue

What if your favorite pair of shoes start to show signs of wear and tear. No matter, how costly they are, sometimes they are going to show these signs. So, if your shoes are broken, then a bottle of glue can help you reattach them.

Car Maintenance With SuperGlue

Super glue can also help fix broken things in your car such as lights, side mirrors, etc. Side mirrors are very vulnerable to damage and are a very important component of your car. What if they are broken and there is no auto shop nearby? Well, do not worry as you can temporarily reattach them using super glue. You can also use it to patch the lights and other plastic components in your car.

Broken Handle

A super glue can also come in handy in case of a broken handle. Apply glue on the handle and keep it attached for a few minutes. Moreover, it can come handy while fixing screwdrivers, trowels, shears, and loppers. After fixing a tool, test it before start working.

Also, Can Help Guitarists

The guitarists use glue while playing guitar. The strings on the guitar can cause pain so to avoid it, they apply some a thin layer of glue on the fingers. After playing the guitar, they use polish remover with acetone to remove the glue. If you do not want to try this, then you can use a pick.


It can also help in fixing a broken nail. You may have not heard about it but the salons use it to fix broken nails because it is an easy fix. Moreover, you can also use it to fix broken nails of your pets.

DIY Bathroom Repairs With SuperGlue

Repairing bathroom components is somewhat tricky. Because you need a waterproof solution. The good news is the superglue after drying is waterproof which makes it perfect for doing some DIY bathroom repairs. You can use it to fix a broken shower, plastic components, and bathroom tiles.

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